BA312 amplifier IC replacement

If you are looking for a way to restore your vintage Sansui or Marantz HIFI equipment, you might be interested in this project: a new replacement PCB for the Rohm BA312 amplifier IC. The Rohm BA312 is an old amplifier IC that was widely used in many HIFI applications, but it is now obsolete and […]

DBX 906 flanger

The DBX 906 Flanger was not functional when I received it. The signal went through in bypass but the effect was not working at all, it made some weird oscillating noises. The electrolytic capacitors appear to have been replaced. Repairing this machine can get quite complicated because there is not no technical documentation describing functionality […]

Modification of an Altec Lansing 436C Vari Mu compressor

The Altec Lansing 436C is a popular all tube, VariMu compressor, released around the turn of the 1950s to -60s decade. Some bad parts have to go out first, then there will be some modifications added in line of the EMI/Abbey Road RS124 to make the unit more musical and effective in studio use.

AML ez1073eq

This DIY kit is an Audio Maintenance Ltd. interpretation of the Neve 1073 preamp and EQ modules. This unit came in for repair. It was freshly built by the customer but had signal drop-outs and was oscillating in a specific EQ setting. The AML ez1073eq is a very interesting DIY kit in a 500-series format, […]

DeArmond Tremolo Control

Meet the first standalone guitar effect box commercially produced: the DeArmond Tremolo Control. This one is an early version with “chicken-head” knobs and inside a glass canister with electrolyte. (later versions were manufactured with a brass canister) This unit may be manufactured as early as 1946 and is still in a very good condition. I’ve […]

Yamaha PM-430: overhaul and and a luxury direct out modification

This Yamaha PM-430 mixing console has extensively been repaired, cleaned, recapped and modified by Vintage Audio Sweden. The customer’s wish was to implement transformer balanced Direct Outputs on all the eight input channels, according to the technology used in the 1970ties. Together we decided to continue with installing eight API Active Combining Amplifier clones supplied […]

Modding a tube driven tape deck to use as a guitar amp

This Tandberg Series 82 tape machine has been modified to function as a guitar tube amplifier. Some components (capacitors, resistors and tubes) have been replaced to minimize noise and to adapt the circuit for instrument signals. The microphone input has been modified and an second speaker output is realized after the output transformer to connect […]

Quad II filter block replacement unit

This modern, high quality approach replaces the original TCC capacitor block with updated specs. The only tools needed to install the unit is a screwdriver and small wrench, no soldering required! The circuit boards and solder used are lead-free while the bracket and fastening materials are made from stainless steel. All the high quality parts […]