I’m offering a wide variety of services including maintenance, modification, repair, restore & overhauling, re-engineering and development of electronic equipment. High quality connection possibilities like special cables and multicore solutions. Location (remote) recording, high quality digital multitrack recordings for live (music) purposes. I repair studio equipment, electronic instruments and when there’s time I also take on Hi-Fi consumer electronics.

Professional Audio

I’m familiar with and competent at restoring large-format mixing consoles, sidecars, power supplies, monitors, compressors, analog and some digital recording equipment, preamps, line amps, dynamics, mastering equipment, lunchbox modules, signal processors, effects processors, and more.

Audio Electronics

Repair and restore of power amplifiers, amps, preamplifiers preamps, mixers, active monitors, hi-fi amplifiers, guitar amps, bass amps, amp heads, combo amps, PA systems, and more. Solid state, vacuum tube, and computer-based technologies are all within our reach. We can also repair and re-cone speakers.

Sound Engineering and Live Recording

Since 2004 I’ve been a sound technician and mixing engineer for live audio purposes and studio and live music recording productions. Although the electronics take a lot of my time nowadays, standing behind a mixing console is still one of my favorite things to do. Mixing live performances in clubs, festivals or theaters, recording music in live or studio situations, recording audio in the field for movie or television productions, consulting in technical possibilities.

Electronic Instruments

A large portion of my work comes from restoring vintage analog synthesizers. Audio synthesis technologies from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is one of my favorite interests. All keyed instruments, modular systems or electromechanical instruments of that era are welcome on the workbench.