Dynacord VRS 23

Repair and calibration of a vintage Dynacord VRS 23 bucket brigade delay effect unit.

Rejuvenation of a Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe

An original late seventies Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe. Repair of several solder junctions, bad wiring, removal of useless glue, several leaking capacitors and cleaning of the potentiometers. This original pedal is good to go!

2SA798 mockup replacement

An amplifier with a little too much DC voltage on one of the outputs… The culprit is a double transistor with a shared emitter: 2SA798. I don’t have such thing around so i easily hacked together two homebrew very good performing units with 4 closely matched KSA992 transistors, a bit of shrink tube and a […]

Sansui CA-3000

Just finished repairing the mighty Sansui CA-3000 pre-amplifier. Several of the problems originated from a sloppy done previous repair. Some noise sources were traced and repaired by replacing a handful transistors. Others were repaired by redoing the vias of the input board and tidying up a lot of solder junctions. The 3 cards for the […]


Got a new tool. An old tool actually… A barn find: fully isolated Phillips metered variac with a 2A circuit breaker. Cleaning and repairing it was quite a hassle since it was buried deep under some trash and pigeon droppings Right now it’s fully operational and it’s going to help me with slowly powering up […]

Multi capacitor mounting plate

Having the pandemic delaying many deliveries of electronic parts, I get finally some time to realize old ideas and order a test batch of circuit boards…

Roland RE-501 tape effects processor

Today this Roland RE-501 tape echo will go back to the @omnivox.studio with a fresh and improved pinch roller and new guidning felts. The balanced XLR input was not working because of damaged copper traces on the circuit board under the connector. With a new connector and a repair, this u日本藤素 nit will be rolling […]

Hohner Symphonic 34

The beautiful “guts” of the rare Hohner Symphonic 34 electronic organ. You can see the high voltage oscillator divider circuits (a whooping 300V circuit) where the light emitting neon bulbs work as switches, dividing down the frequencies and so creating the lower octave notes of all the keys.

Dynacord DRS78

It’s been some time since I’ve been active here, but a lot has happened. I moved the workshop to a new location and had to refurnish and install electricity and so on. I’ve been up and running for two months now already and got so much work that I forgot a bit about the social […]